Nintendo patent imagines turning your phone into a GameBoy


Nintendo has released a NES Classic and a SNES Classic, but will there ever be a GameBoy Classic?

Nintendo has apparently thought of one way to bring the GameBoy back. A recently published Nintendo patent shows a cover that turns a touchscreen device into a GameBoy.

The patent was originally filed in March and published in late September, then spotted this week by Siliconera.

The GameBoy cover seems to attach like a folio-style phone case. Close the cover and you’ll be able to see the screen through a square cutout. Underneath the cutout are buttons that interact with the touchscreen and act as controls.


Paired with some sort of downloadable software, this patented cover could give you a GameBoy-like experience. Best of all, it could potentially work with hardware you already have (like a smartphone or touchscreen device).

Nintendo didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


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